Baobab Buffalo Breeder South Africa

We breed them thicker and heavier.

Our goal is to breed enormous buffalo such as those that roamed Africa before the start of the modern hunting era.

How we select our buffalo:

  1. Exceptional horn length, volume and structure
  2. Robust, heavy bodies, strong back, neck & well-developed hump and chest
  3. Dark and well-conditioned coats
  4. Strong facial features
  5. Good temperament for breeding



Baobab Buffalo Breeders provide prospective buyers with only the finest buffalo chosen from carefully selected bloodlines. Our first-rate buffalo are bred from a combination of those with supreme attributes selected from a diverse gene pool from elite Kruger National Park and Madikwe Nature Reserve bloodlines.

Baobab Buffalo Breeders is situated in the scenic Baobab Nature Reserve in the disease free Soutpansberg area.
We currently have a herd of over 100 buffalo roaming the Baobab Nature Reserve. Our initial breeding herd have been purchased from well-known and reputable breeders. Read more here.


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