Hunting Conditions

  1. All hunters must have there rifles sighted in at the shooting range with the manager prior to the hunt. All firearms must be unloaded on vehicles and at the camp. At the camp the rifles may only be used on the shooting range. Please keep your rifles locked away in the camp safe when unattended.
  2. No hunting from vehicles. Hunters are not to be off loaded closer than 500m from game. Hunting is done on foot.
  3. In the veld you must at all times be accompanied by your guide.
  4. Please do not litter in the veld or remove or damage plants.
  5. You may hunt from sunrise until sundown. No hunting allowed at night.
  6. No hunting is allowed in a 500m radius from waterholes, houses and lodges.
  7. No hunting near boundary fence. Hunters will be held responsible for game breaking through to neighboring farms.
  8. Do not give any liquor to the guides. A soft drink is more than sufficient.
  9. We do not provide meat processing services, machinery or staff for this purpose, only skinning & caping.
  10. You must satisfy yourself regarding the specie, size and sex of the game you want to shoot. You must not rely on the guides, as no discount is allowed for small or wrong game. You’re the one who pulls the trigger, not the guide. Female animals shot out of season / not available will be 50% up on price.
  11. A tip sheet is available at the end of the hunt. All tips must be recorded after witch the hunter will be given the opportunity to tip their guides. Please follow the procedure.
  12. The camp fees are payable in respect of all the days booked and for the number of hunters and non-hunters booked for. A hunter stays a hunter for the duration of the hunt.
  13. If hunters do not show up they lose their deposit. In case of a cancellation it must be done 8 weeks before the hunt otherwise hunters will lose their deposit.
  14. No calibers smaller than .243 or 6 mm are allowed.
  15. Animals wounded are charged at full price. The hunters first miss shot at small game (impala and below) will cost, more miss shots and miss shots at large animals will account for 50 % of the animal’s value.
  16. No hunting on Sundays unless agreed with owner.
  17. Any damage to property will be added to the hunters account.
  18. Sheldrake Game Ranch cannot accept responsibility for any illness, accident and injury nor any expenses arising from such illness, accident or injury.
  19. Firewood available at fee/kg bundle.